Since the gallery opened in 2005, I have tried to present a less expensive alternative to originals. Though I believe in collecting one-of-a-kind artworks, not everyone can afford to do that. I do encourage layaway for the purchase of originals, which I will carry for as long as you need at no charge, but there are still times when a reproduction is better, ie., in rec rooms or camps, as mementos of your stay or when you are not quite sure of what you would collect and would rather spend less until you are. I think reproductions of work from our artists are the next best thing to an original and are all unique to this gallery. In other words, you won't find these prints anywhere else. Most, unless matted, can be shipped for very little in a tube. Perfect gift for the holidays!

The technique of our prints, called giclee (jee-klay) prints, roughly translating into "ink spray", is the state of the art reproduction process used today. If treated like a watercolor, being susceptible to water damage, and kept from moisture, and not displayed in full sunlight, it should keep its vivid color for at least 75 years. Unlike the old offset lithography that was used on posters, it will not turn pink and blue but retain its full range of color when cared for correctly.
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