The North Maine Woods is a destination for outdoor enthusiasts who hike, raft, kayak, fish and canoe on the Penobscot Rivers or those visiting our lakes or climbing the many mountains around and on Katahdin. Only one hour from Bangor airport and two hours from Bar Harbor, you couldn't feel more in the wilderness.

On August 24th, 2016, President Obama designated over 87,000 acres northeast of Millinocket as a national monument through the Antiquities Act, making it the newest addition to the National Park System.  Covered with deep, lush woods, crystal clear waterways and sweeping vistas of Mount Katahdin, it is a treasure to explore and is open to the public for hiking, biking, skiing, paddling and camping.  Come have a look!

North Light Gallery, founded by artist Marsha Donahue in 2004, is located at the right at the main intersection in downtown Millinocket on the way to Mt. Katahdin and features originals, prints and high end crafts from interior Maine. Sometimes called a gem in the wild by its visitors, North Light Gallery showcases the fine art of interior Maine, a haven for outdoor artists, and offers a live-in studio for rent, as well.

Schedule a getaway and book a lakeside cabin or guesthouse at New England Outdoor Center where, depending upon the season, you can take a moose tour, or a rafting, fishing or snowmobile tour. Hike the same trails as Henry David Thoreau blazed or visit the same scenes Frederick Edwin Church painted in the 1800's on Millinocket or Katahdin Lake. Contact us if you're coming this way and we'll help with plenty of suggestions for a great time.