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Welcome to the One Hundred Paintings One Hundred Days page. This project was started on October 12, 2014 and will finish on January 20, 2015, a project of watercolors by Marsha Donahue to keep the lights on, the oil barrel filled and the mortgage paid for North Light Gallery over the winter.

If a painting is sold, there is a small red "sold" in the center of the image.

The paintings, measuring 5" x 5" image and 10" x 10" matted, are available for sale at $110 postpaid with just a mat and $195 postpaid with a frame, the choices being black, cherry, pecan, natural or whitewashed wood.

There is no direction or specific intent with these paintings, just a painted journal over one hundred days in an artist's life. To see the daily postings, go to North Light Gallery Facebook page.

Come follow this journey!
Painting 1Painting TwoPainting Three, SOLDPainting Four, SOLDPainting Five, SOLDPainting Six SOLDPainting SevenPainting EightPainting Nine, SOLDPainting TenPainting ElevenPainting TwelvePainting ThirteenPainting Fourteen  SOLDPainting Fifteen, SOLDPainting Sixteen SOLDPainting Seventeen SOLDPainting Eighteen  SOLDPainting NineteenPainting Twenty, SOLD