Robin Gerry writes about her experience as an artist:
"When I moved to Maine four years ago, I was thunderstruck at the beauty of this state. The blue color of the water looks different than any other place I've seen. I call it "Maine Blue". The sunsets in Maine are pink and purple; not the yellow and orange that I've seen anywhere else. It casts a magical light where everything looks like a fairy land to me. Especially the beaches, the shells, the seaweed, etc. The 'arrangements' that the sea makes on the beaches reminds me of an old secret, primal language; like something from dreams. There are beaches where there are millions of snails, others where it's a mussel galaxy, clam bounties, etc. I am like a junkie now on the Maine beaches waiting for the next treasure.
I am also drawn to the people in these environments. I feel a little bit like a voyeur as I watch folks enjoying these special places. I love the colors they wear, how they move, stand and how they congregate. It absolutely fascinates me."
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