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The owner and founder of North Light Gallery, Marsha Donahue has degrees in the fine arts from American University and the Maine College of Art. After many years of working in galleries both in Washington, DC and Portland, Me, she opened her own in Millinocket, ME in 2004 where she could paint the landscape she loved. She was influenced early on by Winslow Homer and painted in the Adirondacks for several years during the summers before returning to Maine in 1985. At some point John Singer Sargent's influence took over and never quit. She also shows her work at the Littlefield Gallery in Winter Harbor.
Another WorldPeaceful WorldFrom the DamAbol Beach LightTumbling RocksBeside the ChuteForest Floor TwoLoose HarmonyStudy for TriptychForest FloorStream Study CribworksFalls in AutumnAfternoon LightAbol Beach Second AttemptNesowadnehunk StudyTrout from the ShoreAt the RiverFrom a Dark ShoreFall Abol FallsFurgeson Pond