Bert Lincoln Call photographed Henry David Thoreau's path through the North Maine Woods and over Katahdin from the 1880's until the mid 1930's. Master printer and internationally known photographer Todd Watts, who was Berenice Abbott's printer until her death, has taken Bert Lincoln Call's negatives and, with a grant from the Quimby Family Foundation, produced a world class traveling exhibit that will appear throughout Maine and New England over the next year. The photographs are available for sale through this gallery and the exhibition schedule may be emailed if you contact us. Smaller photographs are $700 unframed, $825 framed; larger photographs are $950 unframed, $1,100 framed.
Ambejejus LakeAt the Mouth of Katahdin BrookAt PockwockamusBetween Telos and Second LakeBy the WaysideCampingChamberlain DamChesuncook LakeEagle LakeFireFishingKatahdin Stream CampingLedges, Katdhdin BrookLog CampLooking Across Saddle of KatahdinLost CompanionMaking CampMill at HowlandMoose HuntingMoosehead Log Boom