A graduate of the Maine College of Art and winner of a recent spot in the prestigious Salmagundi Club Show in New York, Caren-Marie Michel sites the deep woods, majestic mountain and pastoral scenes of her world and paints them with saturated color and skillful composition in a hand that almost pushes them to abstraction, at times, though thoroughly grounded in realism.
Abol Falls 2Maynards Marsh 2Katahdin Lake 14 0 FiveMillinocket Lake 5Millinocket Lake 6Katahdin Lake 23Katahdin Lake 14 FourMillinocket Lake 4Moose View Kidney PondMaynards MarshKatahdin Lake 14  0 TwoHeading to Baxter 4Katahdin from Togue PondKatahdin from KWWKatahdin from KWW 2Togue Pond Beach ICompass PondKatahdin 8Katahdin 4Katahdin Lake 9