A consumate academician, Meader was graduated Magna Cum Laude from Dartmouth and then with an MFA from University of Colorado and is now Professor of Art, Emeritus of Colby College. He is also a filmmaker and has traveled, lectured and studied widely in his lifetime. As an avid flyfisherman, he comes to the Katahdin region to fish and paint regularly throughout the year. He brings to his work the understanding of someone who is not merely an observer but often lives within his subject for periods of time, working with an urgency to report that familiarity.
Marston Trail, Baxter State ParkOn the Abol Slide6:45 pm After the Storm, Kidney PondOvercast Day at Kidney PondEvocation Kidney Pond New Day DawningEvocation: On Pamola, The SublimeIn the North Kidney Pond Inlet