Jemma Gascoine writes about her work: "I've been throwing for eleven years. My first two years were at the workshop of Barry Guppy in Pimlico, London. I have taken workshops in the US, too, but mostly I am self-taught. The general character of my work is that it is colorful, light and unique. I've been slowly creating my own repertoire of motifs that I reuse. Many of them have a basis in architecture. I try to have a sculptural show once a year, a show that stretches me. The pieces sometimes reflect what is preoccupying me emotionally, a new technique I'm toying with and/or a subject that I'm entranced by. There's no doubt, though, that living in the North Woods allows me the breathing space to tackle the issues that I care about and to pursue what intrigues me."

Jemma and her husband, Todd Watts, master printer and internationally exhibited photographer, were recently featured in DownEast Magazine, a comprehensive and intriguing view of their rare life in Blanchard, Maine. Don't miss getting to know this interesting couple.
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