Kay Carter writes about herself:
After retirement in 2008, I began an intentional and intense exploration of the world of visual arts. Previously my work, in human service, had been challenging, worthy, and rewarding. I didn’t know, however, how much delight one could experience until I focused my energy on my art work. I am now unapologetically in love with form, color, space and the beautiful State of Maine. I paint places where I have hiked, camped, and lived (mostly in Maine). I also create paintings which celebrate the mundane events in the cycle of years: hanging the clothes outside on a windy spring day, processing strawberries picked from the fields in early summer. These are the things which make life in Maine special – the attention to that which nurtures and that which is grounded in our beautiful Mother Earth.

In the process of paintings, I am challenged to see beyond the finite and find not only the rhythms, colors and patterns unique to the subject at hand but also the tensions and energy which reflect a more infinite whole. My study of studio art has been cumulative and eclectic over many years, starting with an inspired teacher in junior high school who opened a window for me to the joy of creating and extending to the post retirement years in which I have followed a studio art curriculum at the University of Maine. My passion for creating over the years has led to explorations of pottery, calligraphy, Jacobean crewel work, and rug hooking. I am indebted to teachers with whom I studied and from whom I continue to learn.

Kay is new to North Light Gallery this summer of 2015, but certainly not new to showing, though this is her first gallery. An artist of many talents, we look forward to sharing her work with you.
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