This is a gallery of a variety of artists from North Light Gallery, some here as guests this summer, and it is all views of Katahdin. Amazing the number of interpretations of this iconic mountain! Sometimes Katahdin is all you are looking for when you come to our website so we decided to make it easier for you to browse.
Alpen Glow Full Moon Katahdin OneBest Camp ViewNorth Cirque from Katahdin Lake PrintBoom House KatahdinChimney Pond Dream PrintCool Katahdin from AbolFebruary KatahdinFirst GlimpseFirst View of the ParkFly Fishing at BSPKatahdin from Foss and Knowlton PondFrom Upper TogueGreatest Mountain PrintGreen Rock RoadJust Passing ByKatahdin Beyond AbolKatahdin from CompassKatahdin from Kidney PondKatahdin From KWWKatahdin from NEOC