Debby Stubbs writes about herself: I am a native of Brunswick, Maine and became interested in photography as a hobby back in 1973 when I got my first SLR camera a few years after graduating from high school. Starting with nature, scenic and family pictures, I found a real passion in birding and bird photography. I became intrigued with digital photography and converted in the 1990s and started printing my own images. Years and quite a few cameras later, I finally took the plunge and started my photography business in 2005 to keep myself busy after my husband passed away. Most of my work is focused on Maine wildlife, an endless variety of beautiful Maine scenery, flowers, nature, and I specialize in birds and thoroughly enjoy sharing my view of our natural world with others.

Some of these pictures may not appear any larger once you click on them. This is because of the danger of copying, which is why there is a name stamp on some, as well. This is necessary to protect her copyright and the value of your purchase.
Astilbe GardenMount Katahdin and Sunlit FoliageHummingbird and Cherry BlossomsMount Katahdin from Abol BridgeAmerican RobinFall to WinterEagleSunny CardinalPeekaboo Barred OwlTurtle on a LogFall Pond ReflectionThe Eye, Great Horned Owl