William Bentley is probably the most dedicated contemporary photographer of Baxter State Park. To browse through his images is to be on the spot at all times of the year, in all weather and times of day. For the fan of this unique place, there is guaranteed to be a memorable view among his images. All are available in black and white, as well as color, which only enhances the timeless quality of the park. The prices are for unframed photograaphs but may be ordered in a simple framing. Photographs are also available larger and smaller sizes. Call for information.
Barb on the Top of the WorldEarly Morning Chimney PondTurner DeadwaterPamola and Knife Edge from the SummittLooking West to Doubletop6 a.m. Chimney Pond, FebruarySouth Peak and PamolaThe Armadillo, KatahdinMartin Pond June 2009Knife Edge from PamolaJanuary Sunrise on KatahdinSunrise Millinocket LakeChimney Pond Winter Panorama One